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Licensing: Oregon & Washington

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A little about me

While growing up in Seattle, Dineve had plenty of exposure to the fast-paced housing market through her parents’ family-owned mortgage company, and grew to admire the complexity of the market forces involved. In college she was a property manager, where she continued to hone her market instincts.

Ultimately, her passion and knack for real estate reached a point where she couldn’t ignore it any longer, and she made the jump from full time student at UCLA on full academic scholarship to full time real estate agent. Looking back, she describes it as the best decision of her life.

A Certified Negotiation Expert from the Real Estate Institute, this firecracker loves the thrill of fighting for her client’s best interests. She has that perfect mix of creativity, personality, and aggressive attitude which makes a top-tier real estate broker and mentor.

Beyond her passion for real estate, Dineve is completely in love with the Vancouver area. A self-proclaimed locavore, she believes that a community becomes what you put into it. When she’s not working with her clients, you can find her shopping at local stores, or enjoying the beautiful trails of the Pacific Northwest.

“I know how choosing 'the best realtor' can be very stressful because there's probably plenty of us out there. I suggest you give me a call and just say hi, get to know me before you hire me. See if you like my attitude and personality. Throughout the years I have learned that each person and each transaction is different. So I simply tailor my duties to your needs. Talk to you soon!” - Dineve

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