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Francisco Salgado

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A little about me

In the world of real estate, Francisco brings art, humor and a lifetime of real world experience with homes to serve as your guide, helping you make informed decisions whether you're buying, selling, or investing.

He is work and life partners (married 30 years) with Kim Campbell and together they represent a dynamic duo with their Campbell Salgado Real Estate Group, at Soldera Properties. Kim, a licensed broker with a flair for marketing, organization and negotiating compliments Francisco's skills perfectly. Their transition into real estate was fueled by their shared love for homes, their commitment to their community, and their sharp business acumen.

Francisco and Kim navigate the complexities of real estate transactions by dividing and conquering. They naturally split tasks based on their strengths to provide with a true advantage because you always have two skilled people available and working for you to ensure your journey is seamless.

Francisco's story is nothing short of inspiring. At just 19, he built his first house in Mexico City, igniting a lifelong passion for homes and craftsmanship. His artistic pursuits led him to Eugene, Oregon, where he earned degrees in photography and sculpture. His work has been shown throughout the Pacific NW and is in the permanent collection at PCC Rock Creek and Sylvania Campus.

To support his art, Francisco worked as a handyman in college, learning the ropes of roofing and plumbing repairs. After graduating he moved to the classroom and taught Sculpture at PCC and Photography at Clark College. In 1993, he meets Kim in a sculpture class and as fate would have they are married eight months later. They moved to Portland, Oregon after school and eventually transitioned from renters to homeowners. Their 100-year-old fixer-upper became their canvas, requiring extensive renovations that deepened Francisco's knowledge of home improvement.

Beyond real estate, Francisco and Kim run Campbell Salgado Studio, a renowned photography haven in Portland. Kim, the principal photographer, captures timeless moments, while Francisco continues to sculpt and explore the world.

Their passion extends to helping clients find and sell properties from fixer-uppers to perfectly move-in-ready homes in Portland. Join them on a journey where artistry meets expertise, where dreams become reality, and where every real estate aspiration can come to life.

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